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A Couple of Blaguards
 BlaguardsThis two-man comedy has achieved critical acclaim around the country and is a rollicking bit "of Irish fun." Running time is one hour and forty-five minutes, including a fifteen minute intermission. This show is ideal for dinner theater and is available on a seasonal basis.

Frank McCourt, the author, won a Pulitzer Prize for his memoir "Angela's Ashes," the basis for this two-man show. The play stars Tom Koelbel and playwright and professional film and stage actor, Alan Austin.

Blaguards A Sample:
Frank: The Women of Limmerick! Ah the women. Is there anyone in the civilized world who hasn't heard of their beauty, their piety and the ferocity of their chastity? The favorite word of the Limmerick woman is no!

One of the funniest shows you'll see in your lifetime.

Read what others have said: Tucson Weekly

Comedy Hypnotist - Jim Kellner
 Comedy hypnotist Jim Kellner Headlining comedy hypnotist Jim Kellner has entertained audiences for over 15 years as an on-stage performer. In addition, as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist he has helped countless individuals improve their lives in his off-stage hypnotherapy practice. Putting the power of hypnosis together with his background in stand-up comedy, Jim Kellner was one of the Pacific Northwest’s top comedy hypnotists and now resides in Phoenix where he is sure to be a hit as well. Every stage hypnosis show is unpredictable, unique, and interactive — but the laughter is guaranteed. Perfect for groups of 30-50 but may be adapted to larger audiences. We're proud to have him as part of our stage show offerings as well as an actor in our mysteries. For more information on a private hypnotherapy show, please call Marney Austin at 480-967-6800.
Not the Saturday Night News
 This is an original comedy revue based on the format of two newscasters reporting up-to-date headline news. Interspersed between the headlines are skits relevant to the subjects. The script can be adapted and has been patterned after the original T.V. comedy series "Saturday Night Live." This show has appeared on stage from London to Singapore and is updated the week of the performance and tailored to the client's information. It was recently performed for COX Communications.
An Evening with Harold Pinter

An Evening with Harold Pinter, is a unique opportunity to become better acquainted with the works of this Nobel Literature Prize Winner. Never one for eschewing the politically sensational, Pinter's work was described by the Nobel Committee as uncovering "the precipice under everyday prattle." Introduced with a brief lecture by Alan Austin, Senior English Instructor, Xavier College Prep, the Pinter program is performed by professional actors from Arizona Performing Arts. The production includes The Dumbwaiter and sketches such as Applicant, Request, Stop, and The Black and White. The program runs about 1-1/2 hours and is suitable for performance at any High School wishing to mount the production for their students and/or family and friends. Although the show is ideal for an evening performance, it is possible to perform in the day with sufficient notice.

Call for more information and production costs.

Star Wreck - the Last Generalization
by Greg Lutz

This interactive event was written to be performed over cocktails for an aeronautical engineering company. Members of the crew of the U.S.S. Overpriced beamed in to the event looking for someone to help them repair their ship which was over its 10 trillion 2 billion mile warranty. This skit lasted 45 minutes and references to employees were made with inside information received beforehand.

The event can be expanded to a longer show and tailored with company information. It includes 4 (or more) actors, great costumes/makeup, and lighting and sound effects. In fact, a whole Star Trek production could be designed for a full evening's entertainment -- with or without dinner -- and guests could come in costumes of various galaxies, if desired.


Please note: These performances are subject to availability.

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